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The zombie cocktail is made of multiple rums, orange liquor and apricot brandy. Additionally there are orange, pineapple, passion fruit and lemon, which make the cocktail deliciously fruity despite the high alcoholic content the drink is known for. The strong zombie drink has an alcoholic content of 15,1% alcohol by volume and shall only be consumed moderately.

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Zombie – the origin of the gruesome name

Indeed the zombie cocktail already got his name in the 1930s, short after the invention of Don the Beachcomber, who served three of these murderous mixtures as a hangover cure to one of his friends before a trip. When the friend returned, he told him, that he felt like an undead after drinking the cocktails: An immortal mixed drink came to live. Ever since the zombie cocktail wowed his fans with its chillingly good taste.

If the high-proof SHATLER’s Zombie is too strong for you, you can revive it with a sip of San Francisco or Havanna Juicer. The refreshing, alcohol-free cocktails tame the Zombie a little and make for a tasty addition to the fruity rum cocktail.

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