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Friends of the elevated bar culture can look forward to spirits of the highest quality, which of course are perfectly suited for making cocktails and longdrinks. All spirits are offered in the simple, yet elegant 0,5 l bottle. The B52 can also be purchased in the 2cl bottle as a shot. The popular shot bottles are perfect to enjoy the drink when you are out with friends or in the park. The five spirits from SHATLER’s Cocktails are a rum, a tequila, a cream liquor with whisky, a gin and the B52.

The “Caribbean Ron Gold” is a 10 year old rum from the Caribbean, that matured in a wooden barrel, which is soft and aromatic in its taste and delights the taste buds with nuances of cocoa, chocolate, plums and nuts. The Tequila Gold from Mexico is a pale golgen and fruity elegant pleasure with the aroma of vanilla, caramel and herbs. The German Gin has a hint of citrus, juniper and herbs and has a very authentic and dry taste with a lightly spicy note. The cream liquor with whisky from SHATLER’s is a delicious delight and is made with high quality Scotch Whisky from the Scottish Highlands. The sweet and creamy taste of the SHATLER’s cream liquor with whisky additionally has notes of tenderly melting gianduja chocolate,  fresh cream and finest vanilla. With the B52, a cocktail made of coffee liqueur, rum and cream-whisky-liquor served as a shot, we now offer an innovation from Malibu, California.

Tequila Gin Rum Cream liquor with whisky B52