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Sex On The Beach

The Sex On The Beach is a vodka based cocktail with peach and orange. The popular drink shall not be missed on any menu and is a favorite at all beach and rooftop bars. This is a result of the delicious taste as well as the unique name of the cocktail. The SHATLER’s Sex On The Beach has an alcoholic content of 12,1 % ABV.

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Sex On The Beach: A seductive cocktail

The tempting name of the Sex On The Beach was given to the seductive mix of orange, peach and vodka by its inventer: Ted Pizio. He first created the cocktail in a contest at the Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the late 80s. Therefore he combined the two most basic elements of the spring break, sex and beach and so the promising name of what is probably the best known cocktail of all time arose.

The Sex On The Beach as a welcome drink

Split the contents of one 200 ml can on 5 champagne glasses and add sparkling wine. Now you have created a great aperitif in an instant. With a few ice cubes in the glass, we like to call this drink the “Sex On The Rocks”.

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