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San Francisco

The San Francisco is a tangy-fruity refreshment made of grapefruit, pineapple and orange, perfectly rounded with lemon and grenadine. Due to the grapefruit, the drink has a distinct pink-red color and a seductively fruity scent. The alcohol-free cocktail is inspired by the beautiful town, where you can be astonished by the Golden Gate Bridge magically sinking into the fog or the traditional cable cars. Additionally the skyline of the pacific harbour town is significantly coined by the Twin Peaks and the Sutro Tower.

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The SHATLER’s San Francisco is a tangy and fruity pleasure, which makes it very refreshing and rather popular among men. The San Francisco is the perfect drink for a great barbecue garden party in the summer or for a relaxed evening at home. Make a toast with your best friends to a memorable evening with the alcohol-free San Francisco.

For the decoration of this delicious drink we recommend slices of orange or lemon. If you prefer a more extravagant decor, you can also garnish the drink with pomegranate pips in the glass or a piece of grapefruit.

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Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

Calories 313 kj / 74 kcal
Fat 0
Saturates Fat 0
Carbohydrate 17,3
Sugar 17,3
Protein 0,1
Sodium 0