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Right from the start, the quality of the cocktails was the core element for SHATLER’s. All cocktail recipes are based on high quality spirits, syrups and juices, which are especially designed for use at the bar. Years were spent developing original cocktail recipes for portioned filling.

Our principle at SHATLER’s: “First, take the best ingredients available – then do the pricing!” All of our 15 products are manufactured in Austria in a new aseptic bottling plant built in 2012. This guarantees the best hygienic standards with the latest technology possible. The packaging of our 200ml cocktails, the CartoCan, is a deposit-free can of light cardboard material. This is good for our customers and also good for the environment. All processed wood fiber comes from responsibly managed forests, which is demonstrated by the international label of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The quality of our cocktails is constantly and voluntarily checked by independent laboratories. SHATLER’s cocktails have been tested and awarded by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) in 2012. According to the DLG, the sensory quality of the products are a major part of the testing. Preparation, packaging and declaration tests as well as chemical, microbiological and physical analyses are performed as well.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does SHATLER’s Cocktails use spirits, wine or best-price-alcohol?

We solely use premium spirits (vodka, rum, tequila, etc.) for our cocktails. These high quality spirits are manufactured for use in the cocktail bar and for our ready to serve cocktails. For the full bouquet of flavors of our cocktails can develop only through the perfect combination of crushed  ice, best spirits, juices and syrups.

2. What juices and syrups are included?

Of course we don’t want to completely divulge the secrets regarding our suppliers at this point. But we can assure you that really only certified premium juices and syrups are given into our CartoCan packaging.

3. Where do the recipes for each cocktail come from?

SHATLER’s only mostly uses original recipes which are constantly refined and improved. This work is carried out during the past years by our own product development. The aim is that all the colors, aromas and flavors develop optimally after the pouring of cocktails on 200g crushed ice.

4. Is the quality of the products somehow checked?

Of course, all products are tested at each filling. The hygiene and control standards of our production are extremely high, as the Ennstal Milch KG normally produces mainly dairy products, with a volume of more than 70 million kg of fresh milk.

5. Do the cocktails have to be cooled?

Our cocktails do not necessarily have to be kept in the refrigerator. Also a cold storage room can be an alternative. However, it should be a temperature below 15°C for permanent storage to ensure the high quality of the product. Heat and sunlight can be a harm to the quality of the product. Some time before serving, it is advisable to have the CartoCans warm up to room temperature, as this harmonizes the connection between cocktail and crushed ice even more when served.

6. Why are SHATLER’s cocktails sold in the CartoCan?

In comparison with other packaging, such as bottles, cans and plastic, our CartoCan has many advantages: It is deposit-free, recyclable, lightweight, easy to handle and portion. This is convenient for our customers and good for the environment. All processed wood fibere for our cans comes from responsibly managed forests, which is demonstrated by the international label of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

7. Why are the cocktails packed in individually servings?

The individual packaging of the cocktail is one of the unique features of our products. Whether private in catering or in retail: To serve only 3 different cocktails, you always need a wide selection of spirits, fruit juices, syrups, etc. Preparation is lengthy and complicated. SHATLER’s Cocktails are shaken and poured over crushed ice in a few seconds; every guest can enjoy a drink according to his individual taste. And the best part: The annoying and expensive leftovers belong to the past!

8. Can I change the recipes?

We are very proud of our recipes. However, cocktails are a matter of taste and we also give you a few tips for modifying the originals:

I like cream!
For a cream version of the Pina Colada, the Virgin Colada or the Swimming Pool, we recommend to give 200g of crushed ice, 2-3cl cream and the cocktail into a blender. Mix and enjoy!

I like it with less alcohol!
Our cocktails contain about 12% alcohol. Should this be perceived as too strong, a little bit of juice can be added. Which juice is recommended for your cocktail can be read on the box itself: Pineapple juice softens the swimming pool, orange juice soothes the Tequila Sunrise.

I have too little crushed ice!
Our cocktails are optimized for drinking it with 200g of crushed ice. Should you only have ice cubes or not enough ice available, then adding a tiny bit of cold water might improve the taste perfectly.

9. Is the ice for the taste really that important?

Yes. The best flavor of all SHATLER’s cocktails unfolds, when 200g of crushed ice and the cocktail are gently stirred together. A warm and/or ice-free cocktail is drinkable – but absolutely no pleasure.