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SHATLER’s Cocktails are easily prepared in a matter of seconds: simply fill the glass with crushed ice, shake your SHATLER’s Cocktail, open the packaging, pour and serve. With just three simple steps, you can serve a variety of cocktails for your guest!


Why do SHATLER’s Cocktails always have to be served with enough crushed ice?

The recipe of each cocktail is very concentrated. Without adding crushed ice, the flavors could not unfold well enough and the alcoholic taste could be too strong. The recipes are calculated to make the perfect mix with the melting water of the crushed ice. Therefore the ice is not only important for the temperature of the cocktail, but for making the contents of one CartoCan to a whole 0.4L cocktail.

Please note: If the cocktail is stored cold, the melting of the crushed ice takes longer. In this case, please wait a few moments and stirr before consumption, so the flavors of the cocktail can unfold.