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Our cocktails are bottled in Austria at the Ennstal Milch KG with the new, aseptic bottling machine from 2012. Of course the machine is regularly checked and IFS certified every year (higher level).

CartoCanThe CartoCan offers the following advantages to our clients

+ Every cocktail is one seperately portioned and packaged: A 0.2L-CartoCan serves with approximately 200 g crushed ice as a 0.4L-cocktail
+ The CartoCan is deposit free in Germany, unlike a lot of other bottles and cans
+ Through the special bottling process, SHATLER’s Cocktails have a shelf life of multiple months, without adding preservatives and without having to store them cooled
+ The high quality of the cocktails, meaning the aroma, the smell and the taste as well as the consistency and the color, are preserved by the light- and air-unpenetrable packaging

Not only our customers benefit from this ecologically friendly packaging

In addition to this, the cartocan® packaging is good for the climate. All processed wood fibre originates from exemplaryly run forests, proven by the internaional label of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC-Label is one of the most renowned and acknowledged honours for the processing of wood fibres, which evidently come from forests, which are run by the FSC-guidelines.

The cardboard packaging is recyclable and needs much less drinking water and energy in the production process than comparable alternatives. Plus CartoCans are 10 to 50 % lighter than traditional plastic packaging, which also has a positive effect on transporting SHATLER’s Cocktails: Less fuel and less environmentally harmful emissions. Last but not least, the CartoCan also stylish, due to its handy and slim form.