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GinThis clear schnapps made from juniper berries smells like fresh lemons, orange peels and herbs and contains 47.0% alcohol by volume. The taste of the SHATLER’s gin is dry and authentic, with a light hint of spices. If you want to enjoy the SHATLER’s Gin neat, we recommend serving it in a balloon gin glass or a tumbler with a lemon peel. Due to its clear and yet flowery taste, the gin is perfect as a cocktail base and for long drinks.

Gin Cocktails

This spirit is not only known for the game of cards named after it, but especially as the base of a lot of delicious long drinks and cocktails. Examples for popular bar classics are the Gin and Tonic, the Gin Fizz and the Martini. The Tom Collins, the Singapore Sling and the Long Island Iced Tea as well are mixed, shaken and stirred with gin. The popular Long Island Iced Tea is also offered as a ready-to-serve cocktail by SHATLER’s Cocktails and is mixed with gin, rum, vodka, tequila and – inspired by the name – tee extracts. At the moment gin is very trendy and is served a lot at the hottest bars around town. Enjoy your cocktail with the high quality SHATLER’s Gin.