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Cream liquor with whisky

CreamlikörThe cream liquor with whisky has a delicious scent, like a box of chocolates and smells like vanilla, whipped cream and gianduja chcocolate. Because these creamy and sweet nuances compliment each other so well, the cream liquor with whisky can unfold its finished taste so masterfully.

Differing from a box of chocolates you know exactly what you will get, because the SHATLER’s whisky-cream liquor is made with the finest scotch whisky from the Scottish Highlands, which are known for the traditional and high quality production of strong scotch whisky. This scotch whisky perfectly mixes with the soft cream liquor to a uniquely delicous taste experience and makes the cream liquor with whisky from SHATLER’s a charmingly tasty pleasure.

Enjoy this delightful drink neat or on the rocks. The cream liquor from SHATLER’s is best served in a tumbler or a martini galss with a little dazzle of cocoa powder. Therefore the delicious drink is almost a dessert. On cold days we recommend putting a shot of cream liquor in your coffee or a hot chocolate. The SHATLER’s cream liquor with whisky has an alcoholic content of 17% and is sold in a 0.5 liter bottle.