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SHATLER’s offers a selection of the most popular cocktail classics pre-mixed and individually packaged. Now everybody has the opportunity to throw a spontaneous cocktail party or simply toast the sunset with these fruity drinks. SHATLER’s cocktails are made of only the highest quality ingredients, just like the freshly mixed cocktails from your favourite bar. All you have to do is add crushed ice and enjoy!

Cocktails with alcohol
Caipirinha  Havanna Special  Long Island Iced Tea  Mai Tai  Mojito

Piña Colada  Sex On The Beach  Swimming Pool  Tequila Sunrise  Zombie

Cocktails without alcohol
Havanna Juicer  San Francisco  Virgin Colada  Virgin Mojito  Wake Up

A short history of the cocktail
Cocktails most likely originated because of the overly bitter liquor that was available at the time. American spirits, almost exclusively different varieties of whiskey, were stiff, high-proof commodities whose straight consumption was not to everyone’s taste.

People attempted to make them more bearable by adding sugar, honey, fruits and other aromatic ingredients. The English term cocktail literally means “rooster tail”. The actual origin of the word can no longer be traced, yet many different stories exist about its emergence: At the end of a cockfight, the owner of the winning rooster had the right to rip out the loser’s tail feathers. Drinking was then done on the cock’s tail, that is, as a toast to the victory. In time the drink consumed after a fight became the cocktail. A further attempt at clarification of the word is not concerned with those drinks that were thoroughly mixed, but rather with those containing spirits of multiple colours layered on top of each other. The profile of such a stratification resembles a colourful rooster tail.

The term may also date back to the Frenchman Antoine Peychaud. Peychaud tested various mixed drinks in New Orleans and allegedly served them in eggcups. The French word for this is coquetier, which over time could have become “cocktail” in the American parlance. Yet another popular story comes from an American bar, where a big, hollow rooster stood. At the end of the day, the bartender dumped all the leftover drinks into the rooster. The resulting, highly alcoholic mix would then be tapped from the rooster’s tail and sold cheap. The news of this procedure quickly got around through word-of-mouth and more and more people started ordering the drink from the cocktail.

Whichever story is true, one thing is certain: Today cocktails are among the most favoured drinks worldwide and have become an integral part of any party.