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B52_gross_1The B52 is mostly enjoyed as a 2cl shot. The strong B52 shot is made of coffee liqueur, rum and cream-whisky-liqueur und therefore offers a creamy alternative to the other, mostly fruity-sweet shots. The B52 is the ideal drink to enjoy in a round with the best friends and toast to a lovely evening.

The original recipe of the B52 shot from Malibu, California contained Grand Marnier instead of high-proof rum and didn’t include that the cocktail was flambéed.

The version of the B52 cocktail that is popular today is set on fire before drinking it. The B52 drink then needs to be consumed fast, so that the straw and the glass don’t melt.

The SHATLER’s B52 is a real firework without being set on fire and not only unfolds the delicious aroma of the coffee liqueur, the rum and the cream-whisky-liqueur, but also includes notes of chocolate, cocoa and raisins. The cream liqueur B52 by SHATLER’s contains 29.9% of alcohol by volume. The cocktail innovation is offered in a 0.5 liter bottle. The SHATLER’s B52 was awarded the DLG gold medal in 2015.