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About Us

In 2003 the idea for SHATLER’s Cocktails was developed in the legendary Havanna Bar in Hamburg. Liane Kohlhaus, the bar owner at the time, and the bartenders Marc Pertzsch and Lars Hense developed the idea for the ready2serve cocktails to solve the recurring challenge, especially at big events, to serve a lot of guests in a very short time. In order to rise to this challenge the traditional way of mixing cocktails often wasn’t fast enough, so they started bottling premixes before the events, which had to be used in a short period of time. Additionally the bartending professionals had occasionally been asked by friends and family to bottle their drinks for them to enjoy at home.

In taste and quality the pre-mixed cocktails should not come second to traditionally mixed ones in any way. A shelf life of multiple months, without using preservatives, was another requirement of the bartenders to optimize the product for the use in gastronomy venues. Because of this high quality approach, two and a half years of intensive product development followed. They searched for partners and suppliers to find the right ingredients for the cocktails.

Still more time was needed until the complete realization of the idea and the introduction to the market. In June 2006 the jurist and CEO of the astek Beteiligungsgesellschaft Rüdiger Bartholatus and through him business school graduate Stefan Netzer got on board with the project “ready to serve cocktails in bar quality” and only three months later they founded the SHATLER’s Getränke GmbH.

In the beginning of 2008 SHATLER’s Cocktails were introduced to the industry experts of the gastronomy for the first time and convinced as a successful realization of the bartenders’ idea, which they had developed with a lot of effort and heart. That same year SHATLER’s was awarded the Gastro Vision Förderpreis as the most innovative gastronomy product of 2008.

Because of a lot of requests by private cocktail lovers, the company opened up an online store in May 2009 in order to provide private customers with the opportunity to order the ready-to-serve cocktails. Bar equipment like glasses, bar caddies, ice boxes and straws can be ordered at the online shop as well. Since then the SHATLER’s Cocktails have been poured successfully at all kinds of parties, like birthdays and weddings and are always welcome as a present. More and more friends of the upscale bar culture appreciate the excellent quality and the practical handling.

Today SHATLER’s Cocktails are sold in retail stores and a lot of different types of HoReCa venues throughout Germany. In Belgium, Greece, Malta, Spain, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary our drinks can be enjoyed at various hot spots as well.

The company has 26 employees and has its headquarters in the city centre of Hamburg, Germany.