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Tiki cocktails: A sip of the Caribbean

Five of the popular cocktail classics sold by SHATLER’s Cocktails are proud to be called tiki cocktails: Mai Tai, Zombie, Caipirinha, Piña Colada and Mojito.

Tiki cocktail mug The tiki wave spread over to the US when the returning soldiers of World War II came home from the Caribbean with souvenirs and stories of a different world. At that time the bartender Donn Beach opened up the first tiki bar in Hollywood, which soon became a very popular hot spot for celebrities and is still copied a lot today. At Don the Beachcomber’s he invented the popular tiki cocktail Zombie, which he originally served a friend as a cure for his hangover. The Mai Tai was invented by another well-known bartender of the tiki culture: Trader Vic, the rival of Donn Beach’s. He created the Mai Tai for visitors from Tahiti, who were so enthusiastic about the rum cocktail, that they said it was “Mai Tai – Roa Ae!”, which means it is “So good – Not of this earth!”. Other popular and famous tiki drinks are the Caipirinha, the Piña Colada and the Mojito. Tiki cocktails are mixed with rum and fruit juices and are often served with a cocktail umbrella, what also explains that they are often called umbrella cocktails in the US. Additionally in the past these cocktails have often been served in tiki mugs, which look like small vases with pictures of ancestors and gods on them. These mugs are designed after the model of containers that were used for rituals and ceremonies in the Caribbean to call their gods into them. Today these Caribbean cocktails are mostly served in highball glasses.

Tiki cocktails from SHATLER's