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Hot Mai Tai

As the days are getting shorter and the temperature drops steadily – SHATLER’s Cocktails has exactly right recipe for the cold season and shows you how you turn ​​the Mai Tai into a fine

mulled wine alternative.

Ingredients for a Hot Mai Tai:
1 SHATLER’s Mai Tai
1 half cinnamon stick
1 orange or lemon
10 cl of water

Heat up the SHATLER’s Mai Tai, together with a slice of orange/lemon with cloves, half a cinnamon stick and a 10 cl of water. The cocktail should not boil!
Serve this winter Mai Tai-creation in a cup or glass and surprise Your guests with a Hot Mai Tai!

Works well with our Wake Up, Havanna Special or the Havanna Juicer as delicious non-alcoholic alternative.