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Wake Up

The Wake Up cocktail is sour and fruity and is made of lemon, almond, passion fruit and orange. The alcohol-free cocktail softly awakens your senses with its fruity sweet taste. The Wake Up is the alcohol-free version of the popular bar classic Mai Tai, which is mixed additionally with multiple types of rum.

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When you are awakened by a Wake Up cocktail, you feel like a warm breeze at the beach is brushing through your hair, while you are dozing away on a sun-lounger and your flip-flops are quietly dropping into the sand. The palm tree slightly bends above you in the breeze, while you awaken from this beautiful place to hear the calming sound of the waves of the second Wake Up cocktail in your glass to help you keep dreaming of this gorgeous place. The dreamy SHATLER’s Wake Up is a delicious, alcohol-free cocktail, which is a fruity, sweet-sour alternative to the Virgin Colada or the Virgin Mojito.

The Wake Up cocktail – served on ice

Let yourself be woken up by a blonde angel: Combine a SHATLER’s Wake Up with two melting scoops of vanilla ice cream – perfect for pool parties or as a dessert. The vanilla ice cream perfectly complements the sour and fruity drink made of passion fruit, orange, lemon and almond.

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Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

Calories 305 kj / 72 kcal
Fat 0
Saturated Fat 0
Carbohydrate 16,5
Sugar 16,5
Protein 0,1
Sodium 0