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Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise is well known by cocktail lovers. The classic made of tequila, orange juice, lemon and grenadine has a compelling tequila-taste and a special coloring, which – as the name says – resembles a sunrise. The typical spectrum of colors in a Tequila Sunrise is created by the addition of the grenadine. The dark red, alcohol-free pomegranate syrup is added last to the drink and sinks slowly through the glass of the tequila cocktail. The Tequila Sunrise has an alcoholic content of 12,2 % alcohol by volume.

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Bartender Gene Sulit creates the Tequila Sunrise for a hotel guest

One of the origin stories told about the drink says, that in the beginning of the 1940s the bartender Gene Sulit at the Arizona Biltmore often created new drinks. He is said to have surprised a regular guest of the hotel with his own creation by mixing a cocktail made of tequila, soda, creme de cassis and fresh lime juice – the Tequila Sunrise cocktail as it is still served at the hotel under the name “the Biltmore Original” today.

From Mexico to the United States and around the globe

A different legend says, that during the time of the prohibition in the US a lot of hollywood actors traveled to the Mexican town Tijuana near the border, where alcohol was not prohibited. One of the most popular hangouts at the time was the race track “Agua Caliente”, which happened to have a very good cocktail bar. At the end of the prohibition, the recipe for the Tequila Sunrise spread to the United States, but in a slightly different form. The Tequila Sunrise today mostly consits of tequila, orange and grenadine.

The Tequila Sunrise and its varieties

Apart from the classic Tequila Sunrise recipe there are many different varieties. In one popular and widely used version of the recipe, lemon juice is added to the drink. The SHATLER’s Tequila Sunrise is close to this version of the recipe, so the fruity and fresh longdrink consits of tequila, grenadine, orange and lemon. Enjoy a relaxing sundown with the tasty cocktail or party until sunrise.

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