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Blonde Angel

SHATLER’s Wake Up is a refreshing fruit cocktail of orange, pineapple and lemon with mild almond note and harmonious exchange between sweet and sour. Our recipe: This blonde angel is really innocent, but worth a temptation – just the right variation for hot summer days! Ingredients for a blond angel 2 scoops of vanilla ice […]

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Cream Pool

Try combining beach feeling with a shot of pure temptation: Treat yourself or your friends by adding 2 cl cream to this turquoise seducer. Stirred well and with eyes closed dreaming of taking a sip of this SHATLER’s Swimming Pool variation on a Caribbean beach. Ingredients for two people: 2 SHATLER’s Swimming Pool 500gr crushed […]

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Pina Parfait

Piña Colada parfait

we present a simple and quickly prepared parfait that will surprise you. How about a Piña Colada parfait as a special dessert for the weekend? It tastes also fantastic with an alcohol-free SHATLER’s Virgin Colada. Ingredients for four Piña Colada parfait: 3 eggs 130g sugar 500g cream 2 small packages vanilla sugar 1 SHATLER’s Piña […]

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Hot Mai Tai

Hot Mai Tai

As the days are getting shorter and the temperature drops steadily – SHATLER’s Cocktails has exactly right recipe for the cold season and shows you how you turn ​​the Mai Tai into a fine mulled wine alternative. Ingredients for a Hot Mai Tai: 1 SHATLER’s Mai Tai cloves 1 half cinnamon stick 1 orange or […]

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