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Havanna Juicer

The Havanna Special is the alcohol-free version of the Havanna Special and is just as fruity fresh and summery sweet, but without rum. This dark red fruit bomb is made of cassis, peach and orange. The sweetly refreshing Havanna Juicer cocktail is then rounded with lemon and grenadine. To decorate the fruity cocktail in style, use slices of peach and oranges or try hanging a panicle of blackcurrants on the rim of the glass for a tasty look.

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The delicious drink whisks you away to Havanna de Cuba, where you can enjoy the flair of this historic city with a smoking hot Cuban. If by that we mean a cigar or the man of your dreams is left entirely to your imagination. The deep red Havanna Juicer is a tasty sensation and a great tip for everyone who likes sweet cocktails.

The Havanna Juicer as a welcome cocktail

Split on 5 champagne glasses and filled up with sparkling wine, the Havanna Juicer makes for a fruity alternative to the common welcome drink. A delicous and sparkling pleasure to toast someone or something special. For the summer we recommend a scoop of cherry-yoghurt or lemon ice cream with the drink.

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Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

Calories 479 kj / 113 kcal
Fat 0
Saturated Fat 0
Carbohydrate 27,2
Sugar 27,2
Protein 0,1
Sodium 0