The Company

When barkeepers Marc Pertzsch and Lars Hense met in Harry’s New York Bar in Munich in 1988, they had no idea that they would be creating a new trend in cocktails years later with their innovative and ingenious idea.

They became friends, met from time to time, even when they were no longer working together. Pertzsch had headed out to Hamburg to work in the legendary “Havanna Bar”. With its owner Liane Kohlhaus he started working on cocktail recipes and bottling ready mixed cocktails to facilitate their work behind the bar, especially at major events, and also for friends and acquaintances; but the mixtures had to be consumed within a short period.

At one of Pertzsch’s meetings with Lars Hense in 2003 they decided to realize their pipe dream – or should we say “cocktail glass dream” – of offering bar quality cocktails on an industrial scale.

The new idea: why not package premium quality cocktails in a way that would keep them fresh for months, and thus make them useful for any caterer? At the same time, they wanted the taste and quality to be exactly the same as that of a freshly mixed cocktail.

For two-and-a-half years they invested time and money in developing the product and searching for suitable partners and suppliers. For a while, the two also looked into the option of opening their own distillery to distil a variety of rum that perfectly matched the cocktail recipes. However, they finally discovered Infinity Drinks GmbH, a specialist producer of unique spirits who they then involved in optimizing the cocktail recipes.

Despite this, some time passed before practical implementation was complete and the market launch could occur. However, it was not until Pertzsch and Hense met the legal practitioner and managing director of astek Beteiligungsgesellschaft Rüdiger Bartholatus through Pertzsch’s former boss Liane Kohlhaus. Through Mr. Bartholatus they met economist and marketing expert Stefan Netzer in June 2006 – the team was complete. Just three months later, they founded SHATLER’s Getränke GmbH.

Early in 2008 the idea was finally put into effect: For the first time, SHATLER’s Cocktails were presented to expert caterers who were thrilled by this successful implementation of an idea that the two barkeepers had pursued for years with a great deal of personal commitment. In the same year, SHATLER’s won the Gastro Vision sponsorship award as the most innovative catering product 2008.

Due to many requests from private cocktail connoisseurs in the company’s first year of trading, SHATLER’s launched an online store in May 2009, thus giving consumers the ability to order ready-mixed cocktails for home use. As of April 2010, SHATLER’s is now available in selected off-licenses.

Today, the company, whose office is in the centre of Hamburg, employs a staff of 29. Additionally, SHATLER’s has a subsidiary in Austria since 2008.