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  1. 1. What is new and unique about SHATLER’s Cocktails?

    SHATLER’s Cocktails are the world’s first ready-to-serve cocktails; premixed for drinking and individually portioned, they can be prepared in just a few seconds.

  2. 2. What flavours exist?

    SHATLER’s Cocktails are available in eight flavours containing alcohol – all mixed to original recipes:

    • Havanna Special
    • Mai Tai
    • Swimming Pool
    • Piña Colada
    • Sex on the Beach
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Caipirinha
    • Long Island Iced Tea

    And in four alcohol-free flavours:

    • Havanna Juicer
    • Wake Up
    • Virgin Colada
    • San Francisco

  3. 3. Where are the cocktails produced?

    SHATLER’s Cocktails are produced by SHATLER’s in Austria.  

  4. 4. What accessories are available for SHATLER’s Cocktails?

    We offer the following accessories for your home: two styles of original SHATLER’s cocktail glasses, stylish ice boxes with ice shovels, filled bar caddies with straws, serviettes and cocktail stirrers, trays and speed shakers. In fact, everything you need for that perfect cocktail party.

  5. 5. Do I need to add other products?

    No, SHATLER’s Cocktails are completely premixed. However, you will need to add ice, even if the product is cooled. Crushed ice is perfect because the concentrated mixture is cooled more quickly to an ideal drinking temperature if you add crushed ice. But you can also use ice cubes.

  6. 6. How are SHATLER’s Cocktails prepared?

    Preparing the cocktails is quick and easy: Fill a glass with crushed ice, shake the SHATLER’s Cocktail, open the packaging, pour into the glass and serve. Results will be even better if you shake the ice and the cocktail again in the glass using our SHATLER’s speed shaker.

  7. 7. Do I need to keep the products cool?

    No, you can transport and store the products without refrigeration.

    Dry storage at a temperature below 20°C is perfect.

  8. 8. How long will the products keep?

    SHATLER’s Cocktails have a best by period of several months.

  9. 9. Do the recipes contain preservatives?

    SHATLER’s produces its cocktails without the use of preservatives.

  10. 10. Will the taste change in case of extended storage?

    No, SHATLER’s guarantees constantly excellent taste, just like in your favourite bar.

  11. 11. Where can I get to know SHATLER’s?

    Would you like to test SHATLER’s Cocktails yourself?

    Our locator tool will help you find a bar, restaurant, café in your neighbourhood where you can try out SHATLER’s.

  12. 12. Where can I buy SHATLER’s?

    Consumers in Germany can purchase our products from the SHATLER’s online store. Customers must be adults of 18 years or older due to the high alcohol content of our products.

    Currently, cocktails can only be delivered to addresses in Germany. 

  13. 13. How are the products packed? Is there a minimum order quantity?

    SHATLER’s Cocktails are packed in innovative, non-deposit packaging known as a CartoCan. Delivery is effected in gift cartons of 6 or 12. The minimum order quantity is 12 cocktails per order, but you can pick and mix to suit your own taste. Orders scale in steps of 6 (18, 24, etc…).

  14. 14. What package sizes are SHATLER’s Cocktails available in?

    The cocktails are exclusively available in 0.2 l units. We decided not to offer larger packaging units because this would compromise many benefits and properties such as individual portioning and freshness.

  15. 15. For which uses are SHATLER’s Cocktails particularly suited?

    SHATLER’s Cocktails are a highlight at private parties and events, for a perfect evening with your partner or your best friends, as a tasteful interlude in a relaxed evening, or as a creative gift.

    In summer in particular, you can enjoy our ready-mixed cocktails outdoors on your balcony, patio or in a park. The only important thing is to have enough ice with you in a cool bag.