This Brazilian cocktail is a refreshing mix of cachaça, fruity lime juice and fine cane sugar -  sweeping you away to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, where sun-tanned and passionate Brazilians dance in crazy costumes on colourfully decorated floats. A party as extraordinary as the cocktail they drink!

The history of the Caipirinha

The Caipirinha has its roots in the largest country of South America, Brazil, and is today one of the world’s most popular cocktails. Brazilian sugar farmers supposedly invented this cocktail, using ingredients that were inexpensive and readily available. Its name is derived from the Portuguese word ‘caipira’ (country dweller) and can be translated as “little one from the land” or “drink of the Caipiras”. SHATLER’s Caipirinha stays true to the original Brazilian recipe. The mixture of high-quality cachaça, exceptional lime juice and the finest white cane sugar is perfectly balanced and unfolds its well-known aroma over crushed ice. To make your Caipirinha look as good as it tastes, you may add some lime wedges as decoration.

SHATLER's Cocktails Caipirinha


 Our Tip

Create a Strawberry Caipirinha: Just add a few strawberries and crushed ice to the SHATLER’s Caipirinha and blend them together in a mixer. This fruity drink will definetly whisk you away to a Brazilian beach!