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SHATLER’s Cocktails turns 10!

The SHATLER’s Getränke GmbH was founded 10 years ago today in Hamburg. The tasty ready-to-serve SHATLER’s Cocktails were first introduced to the gastronomy in 2008 and enthralled with the easy handling and delicious taste so much, that the cocktails won the Gastro Vision prize for the most innovative product the same year. The tasty drinks in bar quality henceforth became so popular, that they are now being served in a lot of different venues. You can now find SHATLER’s Cocktails at restaurants, bars, cafés as well as cinemas and public swimming facilities, theatres and bowling allies as well as musicals and senior residences. In the summer of 2009 SHATLER’s Cocktails opened an own Onlineshop due to the many requests by end consumers. For a few years now, SHATLER’s ready-to-serve cocktails are available in retail as well.

Today you can enjoy the innovative cocktails in the cartocan even in Spain, Greece, Malta, the Czech Republic, Hunagry and many other countries.

We want to thank all our clients, coworkers and all cocktail lovers for the great time and we are looking forward to the next ten years!

SHATLERs Cocktails feiert 10. Geburtstag