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Some like it hot: Hot cocktails for colder days

Hot cocktails

Summer, sun, beach and cocktails – this makes us feel warm like summer! But SHATLER’s Cocktails can also be enjoyed on colder days of the year as a delicious alternative to mulled wine, grog and other hot beverages. Our hot cocktail varieties are prepared easily and are a hot tip for every cocktail lover.

To prepare your hot cocktail just shake the can of your SHATLER’s Mai Tai, Havanna Special, Long Island Iced Tea or Caipirinha and pour the contents into a pot. Add 2 cl of water and heat the mix. Please make sure, the fluid doesn’t boil. You can also heat the mix in a mug in your microwave (750W) for 45 seconds.

If you like, you may also add some ingredients to the pot yourself or decorate your mug after heating. We recommend adding cloves and  slices of orange and lemon to the Hot Mai Tai, slices of orange and a cinnamon stick to the Hot Havanna Special, slices of lemon to the Hot Long Island and slices of lime to the Hot Caipirinha.