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Co-Co-Coladas: The coconut cocktails

Colada cocktails from SHATLER'sThis group was named after one of the world’s most prominent and most popular cocktails: The Piña Colada. Puerto Rico’s national drink is one of the contemporary classics of the official cocktails of the International Bartenders Association. Like the name-giving Piña Colada, the colada cocktails are mixed with coconut and often additionally contain pineapple and rum. Often cream is added to coladas for an even sweeter and creamier taste. The word colada is of Spanish origin and means strained, which is referring to the pineapple juice.

SHATLER’s Cocktails offers three of the popular colada cocktails: Piña Colada, Swimming Pool and Virgin Colada. The Swimming Pool, mot like most of the cocktails in this group, is not a Caribbean but a German invention. The barkeeper Charles Schumann invented the turquoise-blue drink in the Schumanns Bar in Munich, which he still runs today. The Virgin Colada is the alcohol-free version of the Piña Colada and therefore is mixed without rum. Often this cocktail is referred to as the Baby Colada or the Piñita Colada.

Other colada cocktails are the Bahia, Golden Colada, Flying Cangaroo, French Colada, Italian Colada, Mexican Colada, Pink Colada and the Strawberry Colada. The latter can be easily conjured up with a few strawberries and a SHATLER’s Piña Colada.