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Decorating tips for your SHATLER’s Cocktail

Good taste alone often is not enough – you also eat with your eyes. An appealingly decorated cocktail just tastes a lot better. Therefore we prepared a few decorating tips for you to serve your SHATLER’s Cocktails in style.

Straws and stirrers

A straw belongs into every cocktail glass. Thick straws are suited best for cocktails. Stirrers for stiring the ice and the cocktail are not only decorative, but also very poractical.

Cocktail cherries

As decoration they go with almost every cocktail and because of the various colours of cocktail cherries, you can match them perfectly. Just skewer them onto a wooden cocktail skewer or pin them on the rim of the glass.

Physalis, star fruit and berries

Gently bend the leaves of the physalis back and cut the fruit to pin it on the rim of the cocktail glass – a simple decoration with a big effect. Also a slice of star fruit can be an eye-catcher as well as currants decorated in a string on top of the cocktail.


Orchids, hibiscus and nasturtium – Edible flowers make something special out of every cocktail.

Oranges, lemons, pineapple, limes and more

Citrus fruits belong to the most popular kind of cocktail decoration. Often the juice of these ornaments is used in the cocktails. But not every fruit pairs well with every cocktail. We prepared a list of fruits that not only match the look, but also the taste of our 15 SHATLER’s Cocktails:


Lime and cane sugar

Havanna Juicer

Orange and currants

Havanna Special

Peach, currants, passion fruit und orange

Long Island Iced Tea

Lemon and orange

Mai Tai

Orange, star fruit, cocktail cherry and mint


Lime and mint

Piña Colada

Pineapple and coconut

San Francisco

Pineapple, orange, grapefruit and dragon fruit

Sex On The Beach

Orange and passion fruit

Swimming Pool

Orange, pineapple and coconut

Tequila Sunrise

Blood orange and lime

Virgin Colada

Dekotipps Bild

Pineapple and coconut

Virgin Mojito

Lime and mint

Wake Up

Pineapple, orange, passion fruit and lemon


Passion fruit and kiwano