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The environmentally friendly CartoCan

The environmentally friendly packaging of SHATLER's Cocktails.

The environmentally friendly packaging of SHATLER’s Cocktails.

SHATLER’s Cocktails does not only put an emphasis on quality with its ingredients, the CartoCan packaging also meets the highest standards. The cocktails are bottled in an aseptic bottling process on the IFS certified machine of the Ennstal Milch KG, under the highest hygienic precautions, just like milk. Therefore SHATLER’s Cocktails have a shelf life of multiple months without adding any preservatives.

The CartoCan itself is made of sustainable wood fibre. This is confirmed by the seal of the Forest Stewardship Council. Because of that, the packaging is not only suitable for recycling, but also comparably light, so emissions due to the transport are avoided. In the production process of the CartoCan, less drinking water and energy is needed than in the production of a comparable plastic packaging. In addition to that the Carto Can is deposit free. If you want to learn more about the CartoCan packaging, click here.