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Havana Special Tiramisu

You love inviting your friends for a lovely meal and are looking for an alternative to the usual desserts? We have the creative idea: SHATLER’s Havana Special Tiramisu with fresh raspberries! The berry and creamy dessert will make your guests’ mouths water.

Ingredients for four Havana Special Tiramisu:
1 box of fresh raspberries or frozen raspberries (500 g)
250g mascarpone
100g low fat curd cheese
250ml SHATLER’s Havana Special for the cream
SHATLER’s Havana Special for serving
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
70g sugar
1 packet sponge fingers/lady’s fingers
Raspberries and lemon balm for decoration

Wash raspberries and give about two-thirds of the raspberries into the blender and puree. Add sugar if desired. Cut the rest of the raspberries into small pieces. Put Mascarpone, curd cheese, 250ml SHATLER’s Havana Special, vanilla sugar and sugar into the mixer and blend until it is smooth. Crop lady’s fingers roughly. Layer in a red wine glass: first a few bits lady’s fingers, pour a little SHATLER’s Havana Special, then follow pureed raspberries and mascarpone curd cheese and raspberry pieces. Repeat the whole thing again and finally decorate with raspberries and lemon balm.