Do-it-yourself light painting – with the first SHATLER’s App

To match our SHATLER’s image spot, we proudly present the first and only light painting app on Facebook!

After logging onto Facebook, you can use the app to create your own light painting picture. All you need is a webcam, a light source (e.g. cellphone, lighter, torch), a darkened room and a funny idea. Click the image and unleash your imagination! Enjoy!

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SHATLER’s FlightNight – the latest venues

We can now present the destination venues for the upcoming SHATLER’s FlightNight!

Fasten your seatbelt, fold up your table, and return your seat to the upright position!
Get ready for take-off with free cocktail shots and our sexy flight crew:

Sa, 14.08.2010: Stadtpalais – Bielefeld – Boarding: 22.00 hrs

Sa, 21.08.2010: Halifax – Himmelkron – Boarding: 22.00 hrs

Fr, 10.09.2010: PASHA Dance-Club – Bielefeld – Boarding: 22.00 hrs

Fr, 17.09.2010: Club Privilege – Kornwestheim – Boarding: 22.00 hrs

Information and “holiday snaps” from previous events are available online on

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