Havanna Special Bowle

Havanna Special Punch

The Havanna Special Punch is a fruity pleasure, which is also easy on the eyes. Fast to prepare, you can now offer your guests a cool summer punch or, in the heated up version, a delicious alternative to mulled wine. Ingredients: 2 Havanna Special 1 little bottle of Prosecco Oranges Lemons Ice cubes Preparation: Mix […]

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Tiki cocktails: A sip of the Caribbean

Five of the popular cocktail classics sold by SHATLER’s Cocktails are proud to be called tiki cocktails: Mai Tai, Zombie, Caipirinha, Piña Colada and Mojito. The tiki wave spread over to the US when the returning soldiers of World War II came home from the Caribbean with souvenirs and stories of a different world. At […]

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Marshmallow Gespenster im Cocktail

Halloween Decorating Tips

It’s that time of the year again: Zombies, ghosts and skeletons are flooding the streets and walking from one house to another collecting treats. Halloween is right around the corner and for those, who already have collected enough candy or instead prefer to party on this scary night, we are offering some ideas and tips […]

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SHATLER's Cockctails Coladas

Co-Co-Coladas: The coconut cocktails

This group was named after one of the world’s most prominent and most popular cocktails: The Piña Colada. Puerto Rico’s national drink is one of the contemporary classics of the official cocktails of the International Bartenders Association. Like the name-giving Piña Colada, the colada cocktails are mixed with coconut and often additionally contain pineapple and […]

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