Fotoshooting Floating Home10

SHATLER’s photo shoot on the Floating Home

SHATLER’s Cocktails conducted a photo shoot on the Floating Home in Hamburg. The scenery offered enough space for five different sets. Downstairs on the terrace, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and on the balcony. Four great models made our cocktails look perfectly with the help of seven tons light equipment, […]

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SHATLER's Spirituosen

SHATLER’s introduces five new spirits

Rum, gin, tequila, cream liqueur with whisky and B52: These are SHATLER’s five newcomers. Fans of the high bar culture can now look forward to new drinks of high quality, which of course are also suitable for being served as a long drink. With the bundled spirits expertise from the ready-to-serve cocktail segment, SHATLER’s now […]

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Strawberry Virgin Colada Mini Milkshakes

The Strawberry Virgin Colada Mini Milkshakes are a great aperitif or dessert for every strawberry and Virgin Colada lover, which can be created easily and fresh with only a few ingredients in a matter of minutes. Ingredients for 20 Mini Milkshakes: 200ml Virgin Colada 200ml milk 1 pack of strawberries Preparation: Blend the Virgin Colada, […]

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Muffins mit SHATLER's Pina Colada Icing.

Muffins with Piña Colada Icing

The SHATLER’s Pina Colada Icingis a great idea to make your muffins sweeter, optically and in their taste.

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